When I was about 3 years old, I got hold of some drawing crayons and was hypnotized by what was happening before my eyes. As a result, I've been drawing ever since. Who could really tell what I was scribbling away at first, but that soon started to take shape into animals, dinosaurs, monsters, landscapes, mechs, cars… and Spider-man, etc. It became my daily lifestyle without even trying, spending hours totally entranced with the process of visual creation.

Heading into teenagehood my interests and hobbies grew. I still didn’t know what I was going to become, but becoming a lead guitarist or a football/soccer goalkeeper was way up there. This eventually evolved the better I become at art and the more my interests refined themselves. Video games, particularly console gaming on a PS1 had also made a big impression on me with games like Final Fantasy 7 and 8, Soul Calibur 2 and Metal Gear Solid. My dream started to take shape and it was actually to become a character designer for the video game industry.

During this time, comics were also making their way into the picture, but it wasn’t for the stories. It was the comic art styles and their interpretations of characters that really caught my attention.

I went to an art high school, the National School of the Arts in Johannesburg, South Africa. They however didn’t teach any art fundamentals. We would just be given various projects with various objectives. It was the competition between my other art friends that really helped with my progression, always trying to outdo each other. These were friends also into comics and as a result we grew together.