ARTIST GUIDANCE: Connect with Warren

To my fellow aspiring artists who connect with what I create. It has now reached a point where I have accumulated a wealth of experience and fundamental understandings about overcoming the complex challenges involved along the artists journey. It is a very testing path to be on and one that can crush all too many.

The challenges I can assist with fit into two categories:

1) Gaining an understanding of the art fundamentals.

I am still in the process of mastering the fundamentals as there is always more to learn, but I have become aware of a hierarchy of fundamentals that have to be understood so that you can more easily identify where the problems are and what needs to be focused on to figure out the way forward. Based on my current fundamental understandings, I will make sure to help you see what's in front of you more clearly.

2) Reprogramming negative self-criticism and self-sabotaging thinking.

I have spent years learning how to overcome my own weaknesses and imbalances and while that journey carries on indefinitely, I have personally managed to transform myself from having been highly insecure, self-judgemental, self-destructive and fearful, to becoming mentally and emotionally more stable and confident than ever before.

This was a result of learning how to become more self-aware to be able to more clearly see the inner workings of my conditioned mind, how it had become that way and what I needed to do to retrain it to now become my ally. This is exactly what you need to develop for whatever path you find yourself on within your career and throughout life itself, especially when met with challenges. This is something I would like to help you with as I believe we are all here on this planet to learn how to become more stable by mastering our minds and therefore mastering ourselves to create a more balanced lifestyle.

If this sounds like exactly what you need, we can set up a 1 hour Zoom meeting to make this happen. This is a paid for session at $150.

To schedule in the appointment and make payment, please email me directly at and we will make it happen.

I look forward to meeting you and helping you move forward!


Much love & clarity,