How do you package the orders?

We proudly ship our comics and sketchbooks in rigid Gemini Comic Book Mailers, wrapped in a layer of bubble wrap and finally enclosed in a standard mailer. The comics themselves are enclosed with a custom WL sticker (gold foil version for signed purchases) on either BCW or Guerilla current bags, supported with BCW or Guerilla backing boards.

Our 11"x17" prints are enclosed in BCW Art Print Polypropylene Bags (Ultra Pro Top Loaders for limited prints) with a layer of bubblewrap and sealed in a sturdy 19"x13"x3" cardboard box.

How long do pre-ordered signed comics take to be delivered?

Since Warren currently lives in Johannesburg, South Africa, the shipping process can take a bit longer, but we usually work on about a 2 week period from when we receive the copies from the distributor which then are boxed and shipped his way, signed and returned back to the US for your delivery.

I received my order damaged. Can I get a replacement?

If you feel you've received a damaged or mis-shipped item, please contact us at warrenlouwstore@gmail.com and we can look into this for you. Please be aware that we need to be contacted within 7 days of delivery date of an order to resolve any potential issues.



I'd like to get a commissioned piece of artwork from Warren Louw. How is this possible?

Warren doesn't take commissions, however you can be included on his waiting list with your choice of a single character and if and when he does draw such a character and you are next on the list, you will get the offer. Please contact him directly if you'd like to be included on his waiting list - warrenlouw@gmail.com and he will get back to you at his soonest convenience.

Could I please get my comic remarqued by Warren Louw?

Unfortunately due to his very busy schedule, Warren is no longer doing remarques. However on the rare occasion he may release a small limited number of them online. Be ready for those!

Can I get approval to have one of Warren Louw's artworks done as a tattoo?

Warren is honoured you'd make such a choice to have his art grace your body! There's no problem at all with a single reproduction for a tattoo and you are very welcome to email us a photo of the results!

I'm an artist and would like to draw one of Warren Louw's artworks and share it online. Is this ok?

Sure! No problem at all. Just make sure to please credit Warren Louw as the original source material used. Tag him too on social media and he may even reshare it from his side. Enjoy!

 I'd like to sell Warren Louw's art as prints and on various merchandise. Do you allow this?

No, that is strictly prohibited. Neither can we grant permission or a license as the characters copyrights are held by their respective publisher.

I haven't received an email response back from warrenlouwstore.com yet. What do I do?

Our apologies! We do our very best to answer all emails within approximately 2 days, but in the event of this taking longer, please reach out to warrenlouw@gmail.com and he bring the matter to our attention.


If you need help with anything else at all, please contact warrenlouwstore@gmail.com and we will get back to you as soon as possible.


WLS Team