My mission on Earth within this lifetime is to see just how far I can take my capabilities as an artist and as a human-being to bring you the leading edge of what I can create. This is all towards the collective mastery of art and of self-expression. I have learnt that no matter how skilful you may become, there is always more to be learnt. This journey is endless and one I am passionate about exploring in all its intricate details and broader structures.

The journey of an artist is also far greater than just mastering visual expressions and becoming successful within ones career. The countless challenges involved from both the external and internal world are enough to become deeply lost no matter what level you are on. These challenges however, no matter what they may be, are a critical part of the process. The challenges always ask just one thing, and that is - do you still have what it takes to bare the light of creative love and do you have the fuel of passion, curiosity and commitment to see it all the way? At its core, this is the art of nurturing the heart, the mind and the soul to more freely play with the endless possibilities of the fabric of the eternal moment. After all, the art of art is the art of every moment you are in.

I enjoy exploring the inner universe and I enjoy sharing when the moment arises. This is something I believe is also an important part of my purpose at this stage of my journey. I feel I have a duty to share and assist more with all the vast range of perspectives I have encountered on my journey which have helped me profoundly to overcome many intimidating challenges. This is all in the name of rising to the next level.

To end off, I am here to help inspire you, and I am here to help those who connect with what I do who find themselves lost in the process. This is my mission, my purpose.

Warren Louw