Meeting The Greats: Kim Jung Gi

Kim Jung Gi

I had no idea the legend himself, Kim Jung Gi would be at San Diego Comic Con in 2018! I could not believe my eyes when I turned the corner at the artist alley and found myself just a few meters away from him. My time had finally arrived to meet the Grand Master.

He only speaks Korean so his manager was doing the translating between us, but the one thing that was really prominent was his happy nature. It was uplifting just to be around him. I shared my deep appreciation and admiration for his mastery and before the end of the show I gifted him a signed copy of my biggest cover at the time - Batman #50. He was very thankful and was also surprised to learn that I was indeed the cover artist behind it.

Kim Jung Gi drawing and posing for a photo

I also ended up seeing him again later in 2018 at New York Comic Con, and bought two of his art books (one as a gift to Asia Ladowska), both of which he drew a quick masterpiece on the front pages. I will always cherish mine.

Very unfortunately, 3 years later on the 3rd of October 2022, Kim Jung Gi tragically passed away. Master Kim, It was an honour to have met you.

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