Meeting My Inspirations: J. Scott Campbell

J. Scott Campbell

J.Scott Campbell has most certainly been an artist that has influenced the bigger portion of my creative development. When the breakthrough opportunity came to fly out all the way from South Africa to attend San Diego Comic Con in 2014 as a guest artist for Bandai Namco, I had to take advantage. Below, I'm at the Bandai Namco booth being interviewed by EDGYARMO for having worked on Outcast Odyssey.

Warren Louw being interviewed on three occasions at the Bandai Namco booth at SDCC 2014

I was very excited to meet J. Scott Campbell at this very same show. Heading over to his booth, I discovered a long queue of people waiting to get their opportunity to meet him and get their comics signed. I joined them with my Danger Girl covers I brought along.

Eventually my time came and I was elated to finally get to meet the legend who had influenced my path in such a big way. I introduced myself and filled him in on just how much of an important role his art was on my journey. 

He was very friendly and lively with his character and I really enjoyed having gotten to chat with him for those brief moments. He signed my limited edition copies and I was on my way. A huge day this was! 

3 years later I got the opportunity again, when KRS Comics flew me over to San Diego Comic Con as one of their guest artists in 2017. We were set up at our booth only a few meters away from Campbells booth so we got to be booth neighbours, along with other industry giants such as Andy Park and Adam Hughes.

Below is him and I doing a cover trade on a cover that we both got to do art for - Batman #50!

JSC and Warren Louw sharing a cover trade together.

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