Pushing Your Limits

The process of reaching the next level of yourself requires you to push yourself outside of your habitual comfort zones of the known and into the growing pains of the unknown. This is where you enter the stream of life and of growth.

This is about pushing yourself to your current limits, to the point where you don’t know how to take it to the level you’re aiming for and find yourself frustratingly going round in circles with no real results. Congratulations! This is now where the work needs to be done. The first step is to accept that you do not yet have the skills required to move ahead and to therefore cease trying to force things if that’s what you are prone to doing. This is not to be taken personally. This has absolutely nothing to do with you not being good enough. This is where you are simply going to learn. 

Once you know what you need to build on, you will be on a reference mission to find the best examples of what you are trying to achieve. Your studies now begin about how such is done to then make it part of you.

When learning, its best to learn from multiple angles to give yourself a more broader understanding. I suggest studying from the base fundamentals and upwards, however, this is dependant on what exactly you’ve chosen to face. By studying, I mean copying consciously via certain methods.

Base fundamentals? This would be the underlying core structures involved, such as composition and balance (being the deepest foundation) and the flow and forms within the composition (in their basic states before they are futher refined into their complexities). Unless you are wanting to specifically study the latter fundamentals such as lighting, colour etc. I would suggest keeping that out of the picture and focus on honing your structural awareness for stronger foundations to more securely hold the latter fundamentals.

Learning to become more than you currently requires committed consistency to push into the beyond. It’s hard and challenging work for sure, but that’s how we grow and you are 100% absolutely capable from where you currently are.

I have learnt that the path of the artist is actually one that offers opportunities to learn how to expand our awareness, ability to be present and ability to be self-aware. It offers the practice of honing our fine motor skills to be more in tune with our intention. The journey of an artist and what such a lifestyle is able to offer us is really about the evolution, expansion and discovery of the true nature of the soul. It is far from just about creating impressive art to pay the bills, etc. It is a very personal evolutionary journey that only you as the artist gets to experience in your particulate way from countless different angles. 



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