The Purpose of Challenges

The channels of life that we flow through, chosen or unchosen, these are the paths through which we will be growing as human-beings, or at the very least, these will be our given opportunities for such. What matters above all is how you choose to deal with them. This is where you hold the power. If you manage to figure out the lesson and respond accordingly, this will be your gateway to the more refined and advanced versions of yourself. This is what you will need to become to be able to take on the levels ahead with a greater awareness towards your decision making to open up reality unlike you have ever known. The higher the difficulty you are met with, the higher the level of mastery and awareness that will become available to you. This is where your chosen perspectives with how you choose to process the challenge becomes absolutely vital. This will be the deciding factor whether you advance or not.

Something that has become perfectly clear in my own experience is that choosing to identify yourself as a victim in any way when it comes to life’s tests and challenges (no matter how big or small), you automatically fail. and are stripped of any ability to grow and will result in your diminishment.

On my journey through all the difference stages I’ve experienced as an artist and as a person, looking back, the challenges (that almost had me give up on numerous occasions) were actually testing for and revealing my levels of self-belief, self-worth, passion and commitment to this lifetime and my love of creating and exploring the endless possibilities.

When we are tested to our absolute limits, this is when we get to see who we really are and what we are made of. No matter what we are shown about ourselves, its not to be taken personally. If it is taken personally, this is where the work needs to be done, to identify what really is getting in our way, to address it, reprogram it to support you instead, and then moving forward becomes available. On this journey, some of the challenges may be quite overwhelming to process. This is where supportive self-talk is absolutely necessary and remembering to take things one step at a time. This may take some trial and error, so be patient with this process.

In my experience, my greatest challenge has been the quality of my practiced self-talk. This I found to determine the quality of my self-worth and self-belief and therefore my ability to move forward with anything. The words you use with yourself are the seeds of your life.

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